The CM3 –¬†Cool Muscle Motors from Mysotat

Cool Muscle, a closed loop, fully integrated servo system.

Why have anything but the best.

Cool Muscle motor

Expanding on the established Cool Muscle technologies from the CM1 and CM2 lines, Muscle Corp has implemented a new drive design allowing for higher speed and power while the modern control algorithms, embedded PLC functionality, and energy efficiency that has made the Cool Muscle an industry leader.

CM3 Standard Functions

Point to point motion, triggered by either digital inputs or by ASCII commands across the RS-232 port. STEP/DIRECTION or CW/ CCW pulse input with programmable resolutions. Up to 32 definable positions, speeds, and accelerations.

CM3+ Logic and Networking

The built-in real time controller allows for programming and system construction. The simulta- neous control of multiple axes and Cyclic Logic Operation Program can be used to maxi- mize the performance of COOL MUSCLE CM3+.

Cool Muscle Motor