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Horne Technologies cc. proudly represents and distributes several international manufacturers products in South Africa. The actuators we offer range from small linear and rotary, extremely precise micropositioning systems, through to nanopositioning systems. We also supply larger industrial linear actuators up to several metres in length, for the building of XY(Z) gantries, laser and plasma cutters etc.

Horne Technologies is able to supply almost all kinds of actuators, linear and rotary, as well as 6 axis parallel kinematic systems, regardless of size and power, however we specialise more in high accuracy, smaller systems, for military, space, scientific, optical and precision applications. However we welcome any enquiries and encourage you to look to us for your motor solutions. We are also able to supply a full range of gearheads, encoders, drives, multi axis controllers for these motors.

RK Rose+Krieger

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is a manufacturer and supplier of high-quality machine engineering and control components. Our comprehensive range of static and dynamic modules is unique in the market. Our BLOCAN® profile systems, tube connection systems, linear components, drive systems and system solutions that include transport technology are supplied to major markets all over the world.

Our competency in the relevant applications, combined with our know-how in developing system components makes us a partner who will help you improve your business results. Involve us in your plans. Our quality and efficiency will win you over.

The demand for absolutely flexible construction modules is continuously growing. In order to fulfil customers’ requirements, we have further improved our unique BLOCAN® modular profile system. The new, self-contained series of heavy duty profiles offers unimaginable applications in the field of mechanical engineering. Connecting without further machining – just cut to measure and assemble! The uniqueness of BLOCAN® systems is the compatibility of their profiles not only to one another, but also to all other RK product families: RK Tube connection system, RK Linear components and RK Drive systems. Thus, offering fascinating application possibilities.


Metal Frame

The RK pipe connection system that has been established for decades is being constantly developed and is at any time at the forefront of pipe connection technology. The most comprehensive way of interconnecting pipes is screwing them together using the new RK Industrie Design pipe connection system. Users appreciate its fatigue strength and economic efficiency as well as the advantages of simple and fast assembly/disassembly. For the most varied fields of application, we provide a range of connecting elements made from aluminium (elements made by gravity die casting and extrusion moulding), plastics, steel and stainless steel. The simplicity and logic of pipe connection technology led prematurely to developments for the linear units of the series E and EP. The RK pipe connection system is used here as a carriage and a fixation element. The industrial staircase and working platform system (ITAS) combines pipe internal clamping elements and aluminium profile technology to a unique system and is an example for RK Rose+Krieger’s thoughts on compatibility.

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Whether guiding, adjusting, positioning or moving uniformly, the demands on linear motion sequences are as varied as the available solutions. We offer a broad spectrum of linear movement components: from the occasional manual adjustment, through to frequent movements and highly dynamic positioning in continuous operation. And to help you select the most suitable range of products for your requirements quickly and easily, we have developed a system that is strictly application oriented. Within the selected range you can then determine the ideal size and model based on your performance requirements.


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The Hohner group of companies (www.hohner.com), specialising in optical incremental and absolute encoders, was established in 1980, and now has manufacturing offices in the UK, Italy, Canada, Brazil, and Germany. The companies are specialists in the design and manufacture of optical encoders. Over the years, Hohner have broadened the product range to include high quality reliable absolute single and multi-turn encoders to complement the full range of incremental encoders. Further products added to the range include DeviceNet Encoders, very low temperature (-40ºC), optical sensors for liquid, surface and light, wireless encoders, IP 68 rated encoders and oil drilling rig instrumentation.

A range of products with CSA, ATEX, IECEx and GOST certification is available, providing encoders that are explosion proof and intrinsically safe, allowing their use in suitably restricted areas. Further developments include a standard encoder rated to 1000m underwater (possibilities extend to 6000m underwater). The drilling rig products include mud flow level return sensors, geolograph (air line retriever), hook load (deadline) sensors, heave compensators (linear displacement sensor) DrawWorks and TopDrive encoders. The safety ratings, extreme depth, and drilling rig products allow use within the petrochemical industries, both production and exploratory.

The Hohner technologies and patents demonstrate Hohner’s continued growth in the last 30 years and the products are now used in various industrial sectors such as lifting equipment, aerospace, packing, food processing, heavy industry and petrochemicals. Hohner is a customer focused company, constantly striving to improve quality and service.

Product Summary: solid and hollow shaft incremental, multiturn and abolsute encoders, wireless, explosion proof and intrinsically safe options, tachometers and submersible series, drilling rig series.


Eichenberger Gewinde AG

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Eichenberger develop, produce and market innovative linear power transmission products including ball screws with rolled threads designed specifically to address the needs of potential OEM applications.

Linear power transmission technology range

  • Carry ball screws
  • Carry Speedline high-helix ball screws
  • Speedy high-helix lead screws
  • Rondo round thread lead screws

Thread rolling is the core expertise of Eichenberger Gewinde AG. Not surprisingly, we utilize this process to form the thread profiles of all the screws we produce.

Even though all Eichenberger lead screws are made using the rational thread rolling process, individual model series feature distinct differences in design and performance. Product characteristics therefore need to be considered when selecting the right product.

PI (Physik Instrumente)

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The World of Nano and Micro positioning

PI – Moving the NanoWorld

Global Leader in:

  • Piezo Positioning Technology
  • Nanopositioning Systems
  • Hexapod Robotics
  • Precision Motion Control

Where nanopositioning technology and motion control systems of the highest accuracy level are concerned, PI has been a globally leading supplier for many years.

4 Decades of Experience:

When PI introduced piezoelectric nanopositioning technology almost 40 years ago, typical customers were research labs and universities working on laser cavity tuning, Fabry-Perot interferometers and filters. Few foresaw that whole industrial sectors like semiconductor manufacturing or biotechnology would become dependent on progress in nanopositioning. Today, not even the precision machining industry can do without nanometer-level positioning systems.

PI is the world’s leading provider of nanopositioning products and systems. All key technologies are developed, manufactured and qualified in-house by PI: Piezo components, actuators and motors, magnetic drives, guiding systems, nanometrology sensors, electronic amplifiers, digital controllers and software.

PI positioning systems are employed where technology is pushed forward in industry and research. This is done, for example, in semiconductor manufacturing, in medical engineering, in biotechnology, in plant engineering, in surface metrology, or in astronomy.

PI combines its long-term experience in micro and nanopositioning technology with in-depth knowledge in the fields of mechanics, electronics, sensor engineering and software. Thus, PI is able to offer its customers the most advanced drive technologies and system solutions.

The Exlar Advantage


Understanding the Difference

The Need for an Alternative – Electric Actuation

In an industrial world very familiar with fluid power systems, Exlar anticipated the need to develop an alternative actuation method to the existing hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders. The new product would need to offer improved positioning performance, eliminate fluid leaks, and provide energy efficiencies, all while maintaining the robustness and reliability of hydraulics and pneumatics.

Hydraulic cylinders, while robust and reliable, rely on pressurized oil and require significant maintenance to achieve consistent levels of positioning accuracy. Fluid leaks are common, causing both end-product and environmental contamination. Exlar’s goal was to make improvements to the accuracy, environmental, and maintenance issues. As seen in the comparative table, pneumatics also have advantages to offer, but do not provide a viable solution where positioning, stiffness or accuracy are required.

Industry was ready for a cleaner, more efficient and more accurate solution to these existing technologies.

The Logic of “All-Electric” Solutions

Since electrical power is readily available and is in fact used to create the fluid power, it seemed logical to find a solution which relied exclusively on electric power. This would eliminate the primary source of inefficiency which is the conversion of electrical power to fluid power first, and then to the desired mechanical motion. Additionally, an all-electric solution would be easier to control since control systems universally depend on electric signals to monitor and control position.

As the search began, it was discovered that many engineers had already been replacing fluid power actuators with electric servo systems. The results were favorable wherever the desired motion was in the form of rotation. A major obstacle remained, however, when linear motion was required, particularly when one wanted to substitute an electric actuator directly for a hydraulic or pneumatic cylinder. There seemed to be no existing electric counterpart with similar form factor and size and which exhibited the robustness and long life of such devices. Not until, that is, Exlar proceeded to identify and characterize the available technologies for creating linear motion.

Understanding these choices along with their advantages and disadvantages is key for the engineer designing a machine utilizing linear motion.

Omet – Systems in Motion

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OMET linear motion proposes three ranges of complete modules aiming at satisfying the most varied needs in the field of linear motion. From the most economic to the most performing one, everything is to be evaluated according to the application.

The system is composed of a pivot-pin cursor (adjustable central pin) sliding inside a C-shaped rail with inner sliding rails.

The prominent features common to all ranges are:


All the rails are provided with fastening holes so that the assembler does not have to make any further operation. If the application requires supplementary holes on the rail, a special “reference groove” allows the point self-centering.


Omet 1

The rails have sliding races in internal position and are therefore protected by accidental external impacts. The coupling cursor-rail has a very compact design. The rails and cursors are in aluminium alloy, which confers the system extreme lightness.

In the case of the models T,6002,…. e T,6003,…. , the rails are made by coupling a supporting element in aluminum alloy with hardened and ground steel bars that make up the sliding surfa- ce. The aluminum extruded profiles are stabilized and anodized.