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Faulhaber Stepper Motor



For demanding positioning tasks that require a high level of accuracy, stepper motors are generally used. The name comes from the operating principle, as the stepper motors are driven by an electromagnetic field. This turns the rotor a small angle – a step – or a multiple thereof.

Robust assembly, high speed range, and exceptional performance in even the harshest environments make FAULHABER drive systems the perfect solution for demanding positioning applications. The stepper motors from FAULHABER are also characterised by a long service life and high reliability hanks to their electronic commutation (motor without brush).

They are available with a wide variety of modular servo components such as encoders, zero backlash gearheads or integrated lead screws.

Two-phase stepper motors

The rotor of a two-phase stepper motor consists of a plastic carrier in which the magnets are specially arranged so as to produce 10 to 12 pole pairs, depending on the motor version.

The large magnet volume guarantees a high torque. The quality of the magnet material enables use from very low temperatures and temperatures up to 180°C (special version). Two windings are used for the stators, one per phase. They are positioned on each side of the rotor. The inner and outer stator assemblies produce a radial magnetic field.


Faulhaber stepper motors

Two phase Stepper Motors with Disc Magnet

The rotor of a two-phase stepper motor with disc magnet consists of a thin, homogeneous disc.

The very low inertia enables high acceleration values. The disc is magnetised precisely with 10 pole pairs, resulting in a high angular accuracy. The stator is only located on one side of the motor. Four windings (two per phase) generate the axial magnetic field.

Special versions of this motor type are well suited for use in microstep applications as there is no cogging torque.


Stepper motors – two-phase permanent magnet technology

The FAULHABER stepper motors are multi-pole, two-phase motors with permanent magnets. Through the use of rare-earth magnets, an exceptionally high power to volume ratio is achieved. With its very low inertia, the rotor design predestines the motors for use in applications that require very high accelerations or rapid change of direction. Another important advantage is that they can start with a relative high speed right from the very first step, further shortening the time required for the acceleration ramp. With their short length and low weight, stepper motors can also be used in integrated systems.

Thanks to their robust design and simple operation, they are likewise ideally suited for the most difficult operating conditions. Due to the various operating possibilities of the full-, half- or microstep electronics, precise speed and motion control can be established in an open control loop.


Nema Size Stepper Motors

We have a vailable  wide range of stepper motors which are characterized by high torque, compact size and competitive price. We work closely with a number of international manufacturers such as Arcus, Lam Technologies, Mclennan and Cool Muscle along with many more. This allows us to import a wide range of motors, from micro motors to Nema 42 motors.

We offer high quality stepper motors in combination with drives to provide a modern and performing motion control solution. Our stepper motors are in standard NEMA flanges which facilitate their installation both on already existing systems and on new applications.

We can also supply effective drives, gearheads, encoders and multiaxis controllers, depending on your requirements.

Working with you, our clients, we determine which brand and model will work best for your particular use case. This makes the experience for you easy and effective, through this we gain a lasting relationship with you.


Stepper Motors 

We can supply stepper motors ranging in size from Nema 11 through to Nema 42, with torque ranging from 0.1Nm through to 29Nm. Please visit our suppliers linked below for full details on options and ranges 


Please contact us for assisstance in finding the Stepper Motors System solution you require.

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