MatchID – Metrology Beyond Colours

The tagline of MatchID is metrology beyond colors :

  • Interpretation of results in a quantitative way with integrated error assessment
  • Detailed validation of finite element simulations: establish a one-to-one relationship between model and experiment by adopting identical filtering
  • Make an informed choice on DIC user settings to optimize your experimental analysis
  • Identification of mechanical properties via Virtual Fields Methodology: elasticity, hyperelasticity, plasticity, isotropic, orthotropic or anisotropic. Inverse identification made easy and fast.
  • Customized application development and console mode to run batch processing analyses
  • In-depth training : annual courses by experts in the field, self-training material

This philosophy is reflected via some unique MatchID features:

  • Control of advanced settings
  • Highly accurate interpolators
  • Higher order shape functions
  • Lens distortion corrections
  • Rigid body motion corrections
  • Various implemented strain tensors: Euler-Almansi, Logarithmic Euler-Almansi, Hencky, Green-Lagrange
  • Direct approach to the quantification of resolution and spatial resolution
  • Direct integration with identification of mechanical properties (additional modules)
  • A thorough comparison between DIC and FEA (additional modules)